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Home furniture

Good ideas on how to find the right place for the cabinet.

How and where to store things, if there is simply not enough space for a high-grade closet or an entire dressing room in a small apartment? We have to go for tricks, invent something unusual and effective, so as not to spoil the interior, and find additional storage space. Below are collected 18 good ideas, how else can you store things and find a place for a closet or a small storage system in a modest housing: The corner was used as a dressing room - it turned out quite well The pedestal bed allows you to create a curious interior and adds additional storage there is no space for an additional closet in an apartment, try to install it on the balcony. The bed-podium allows you to keep things compact and inconspicuous. Thus you can arrange a whole dressing room: Leave some space for If you don't fit the closet, you can store things in such a simple way: Both the cabinets are installed and the bed does not occupy extra space on the floor Try to use the maximum possible space, including the distance between the upper wall of the closet and the ceiling The headboard of the bed to keep things. Cabinets do not have to be massive. A sliding wardrobe will save space and will not spoil the interior. A well-thought-out interior - for og success
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40+ new ideas rework old jeans: practical, stylish, non-trivial

Do not rush to throw away old jeans. You can always find a worthy use for them. There would be a desire, and a strong and durable denim will serve faithfully and not a single year. The practicality of things converted from old jeans is far from their only merit. In skillful hands, denim pieces are transformed into exclusive designer items.
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Stylish poncho with a hood - versatile and cozy knitted clothes

In winter, you want warmth and comfort, and one of the most comfortable types of clothing that can give you maximum comfort on cold days is a poncho. The wardrobe detail, once popular among South American Indians, became a real highlight in the wardrobe of a modern fashionista. Today we want to tell you how to knit a stylish and cozy poncho in a couple of hours.
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For the House and Cottages

Practical water repellent foam foam

Placing surfaces of various types of material with additional characteristics will help ordinary foam, or rather the protective film made on its basis. Thanks to the transparent liquid applied on different surfaces, they cease to absorb moisture. YouTube / Maxim Maximov The recipe for preparing a treatment solution is extremely simple: you just need to melt a sufficient amount of foam in a solvent.
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Sakura from beads: indescribable beauty and harmony in the house

Blooming Sakura not only fascinates with its beauty, but also is capable of improving the energy of the space in which it is located. Each of the 5 petals of this delicate flower personifies health, prosperity, peace in the family, joy or love, and all together - complete happiness. From the decorative point of view, pale pink shades fill the dwelling with warmth and decorate it.
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Plain buttons turned into a stylish accessory

Ordinary flat buttons can be the basis for self-sufficient designer jewelry. Work difficult you will not name. To master it even for those who pick up the hook for the first time. Having set a goal, you can have a stylish upgrade in a few hours. For work you will need: flat buttons with 4 holes; threads; hook with a thin head.
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