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The second life of cardboard boxes: 30+ ideas worth seeing

Empty boxes often appear in the house. Large and small, different in shape and density, they are stored on the mezzanine, or even go to the garbage. Meanwhile, dense cardboard products can be the basis for creating a mass of interesting things. You can use it as a frame for boxes and organizers, to create diverse toy houses, bulk and flat crafts.
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For the House and Cottages

Beautiful and cozy balcony: summer ideas for inspiration

While living in an apartment building, it is far from always possible to enjoy relaxing in the fresh air. Even having a summer cottage, some are pulled out into the countryside exclusively on weekends. With a rational approach to the arrangement of life you can always arrange a kind of oasis on the balcony. Unfortunately the space here is limited, but if you wish, nothing is impossible.
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Design and Architecture

Stone pots - a spectacular mini-flower bed on your site

A stone flower basket will be an excellent alternative to bulky stationary flowerpots. Its special charm lies in a small secret, thanks to which the stone pots have a relatively small weight and can be rearranged to any convenient place. The natural stone from which the basket is assembled can add solidity to the decor and become a spectacular accent.
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Whether mushrooms, or zucchini: tasty, simple and affordable

Fragrant, moderately dense canned zucchini with garlic and greens, taste reminiscent of pickled mushrooms, it is easy to prepare for the winter. Easy to prepare, they are perfectly combined with various options for a side dish. Such a delicacy will not be out of place at the holiday table. Youtube | Victoria Kozechko On 3 kilograms of zucchini: garlic - 3 heads of vinegar - 100 g of sunflower oil - 100 g of sugar - 100 g of salt - 2 tbsp.
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