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A little home comfort and warmth: bright ways to remake the lamp

Even minor changes in the interior will refresh the atmosphere. Having a desk lamp or a floor lamp, you can experiment with the decor indefinitely. If desired, it is easy to transform the lamp beyond recognition. Decorate the lampshade in different ways. It is possible to pick up successful options for rooms of different styles.
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Health and beauty

Elegant gray dress: 20+ beautiful images

Recently, gray has become an increasingly popular and versatile shade for the selection of an elegant image. If earlier this color was associated with “gray mouse”, now it is one of the best options for office and business style. In winter, autumn, spring - at any time of the year you can diversify your usual image with a luxurious gray dress and stylish accessories.
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Sewing Tips and Tips

We still had some interesting sewing tricks for us that sew. It turns out that to sew a hook neatly is not at all difficult. Just need to take the right thread. But in this way you can easily fold. And I somehow suffered from the insertion into the blouse, several times I smacked and stitched again in places, so that even folds were.
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23 dresses with designer embroidery and details

Embroidery has long been loved by designers, as one of the most successful ways to decorate clothes, add zest and special charm to it. Now it is almost impossible to see a fashion show, in which at least one dress with charming designer embroidery would not be presented. Rate 23 luxurious dresses with interesting designer embroidery and other curious details:
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"Living" art: the incredible creativity of the Singapore artist

A real wizard lives in Singapore, and his name is Keng Lye. This artist creates incredible 3D sculptures, looking at which, you can not wonder: "So this is a living" sea reptiles "or not?". So much acrylic painting, plus the multi-layered painting of the sculpture, consisting of epoxy, give together a stunning result - a three-dimensional picture that literally comes to life before our eyes.
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