For the House and Cottages

These people found IKEA products even more successful application than the manufacturer expected


Ikea brand is known worldwide, and the range of convenient and beautiful products is constantly increasing. But for some situations, special things and devices are not enough, and the consumer is forced to connect his imagination in order to achieve the ideal result. The author of such alterations can safely send your ideas to furniture manufacturers, because these solutions are great!

Two of one

Containers for things the author of this project used as a shelf for magazines, and as matte lamps.

Universal trolley

The manufacturer stated that this is a kitchen trolley. But a little paint and it can be entered into the interior of any room as a stand for indoor plants.

Separate shelves

Such modules are designed to complete the cabinet on your own. But if you supplement them with furniture wheels, you get a comfortable console.

Best decoration

Narrow shelves are designed to put pictures and photos within them. They take up little space without cluttering up the extra space of the room. The description itself prompted the author of the project to use them in his dressing room.

Everything for beauty

Wall mirror equipped with door hinges. It turned out a good device for storing jewelry.

Cachepot for small things

Metal pots of the original form became so popular that plastic fakes appeared on the market for them! The thing is beautiful and very convenient, including for storing all sorts of small things and cosmetics.

Low frame

The photo frame has become a convenient tray on which you can place small things, cosmetics and jewelry. In this project, the author decided to remove the glass part, but you can leave it, then the surface of the tray will be scratch resistant.

Jug for everything

The vintage-style milk jug looks great as a napkin holder, as a stand for kitchen utensils, and as a vase.

No longer a doll bed

Together with furniture and household goods, IKEA sometimes makes toys. The Duckig crib was designed for children's games, but owners of cats and small dogs often buy it to their pets. Today this thing is already represented by a store and in the department of pet products.

Eaves for beauty

Laconic cornices can be used not only for curtains and curtains. You can hang on the wall a few pieces by organizing an exhibition of drawings or photographs.

Galley in the kitchen

The shoe rack with the original extension system perfectly replaces the storage system in the kitchen.

Measuring cups in the nursery

The cups can be hung from the handle to the head of the bed or a bracket mounted on the wall. Fill them with pencils and felt-tip pens. The baby will always have everything you need at hand, and the table surface will remain free for creative experiments.

Folding chair

From the most ordinary stool turned out wall shelves of the original design.

Magazine stand in the kitchen or bathroom

In the department for the office you can find something useful for your apartment. Secure the stand on the drawer door for convenient storage of small items.

Corner Shelves

Magazine supports can be used in another interesting way. Fix them on the walls as shelves.