Design and Architecture

Abandoned cities. Nature, not limited to humanity, attacks buildings and structures.


For one reason or another, people left these cities, and nature, not limited to humanity, attacks buildings and structures. Here are the most vivid examples, among which are those that have already been erased from the face of the Earth.

Pyramiden, Norway

This island, which can be reached by sea or with the help of snowmobiles. In the 90s the district was closed, but today the entrance to many buildings and structures is prohibited. Tourists can stay in hotels that are especially popular during the polar night.

Under the supervision of accompanying tourists can visit individual buildings, having plunged into the life of past times.

Varosha, Northern Cyprus

Today, a coastal resort that flourished in the 1970s is called the city of the dead. The city of Famagusta, to which Varosha adjoins, was occupied by the Turks during the military coup in 1974. The Turkish authorities carried out the evacuation of tourists and completely closed the area to visit.

The UN in 1984 decided to ban the settlement of empty buildings by any people other than their owners, and for the latter it is very difficult. The area has not been properly returned to the jurisdiction of Cyprus and today it is empty.

Hashima Island, Japan

The so-called battleship or cruiser island, located near Nagasaki, used to serve as a coal mine. Nicknames attached to this place because of its unusual shape, a bit like a big ship. All work has ceased because the minerals have dried up, and the mining of the remaining ones has ceased to be profitable. For many years, people's access to this territory was strictly forbidden.

Sao Ji Pod City

The ghost town, many residential buildings that resemble flying saucers, was located in Taiwan. It was planned to build a resort for the military from the United States. At some stage, construction has stalled, and the developer went bankrupt.

Today the place is empty: emergency buildings demolished. Admire the unusual architecture is possible only in photographs taken before 2008.

Body, California, United States

The settlement of gold miners became deserted in 1915. The most persistent residents held out in Bodie until the 30s of the twentieth century, until the central part of the city was destroyed by a strong fire. Since the 60s, the town has become a historical park, where you can get acquainted with the life of the past.

It seems incredible, but several caretakers reside in old houses.

Kowloon Wald City, Hong Kong

This settlement was called the Fortress, the City behind the wall, and even the City of Darkness. And it's not just in cramped rooms and buildings adjacent to each other closely, blocking the light to other people's windows. This settlement was completely controlled by the criminal community.

The place has long been considered the most populous on the planet. There were many illegal industries. Today, residents have been evacuated, and a park has been erected on the site of the fortress, which contains part of the empty structures.

Pripyat, Ukraine

The history of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is known throughout the world. It was after the 1986 disaster that the phrase “peaceful atom” was no longer used in the press. Today, the radiation level of Pripyat does not allow visiting this place. Although, according to the testimony of scientists in certain evicted areas, in the absence of a person, previously lost flora and fauna are being actively restored.

Pripyat is visited illegally by numerous stalkers, despite the great danger of such travel.

Kadykchan, Magadan Region, Russia

Most of the population of this coal-mining city left the settlement after an explosion at a mine in 1996. The remains of residents left after an accident at a single boiler house, which occurred several years later.

Kolmanskop, Namibia

The settlement was built because of the discovered deposits of diamonds in the early 20th century. Over time, the vein dried up, and it became increasingly difficult to deal with sandstorms. Today the city has been given the status of a museum, some buildings have been restored.