10 inexpensive ways to transform your kitchen


Not only those who are absolutely unlimited in means want to live in beauty and comfort. Fortunately, in the segment of inexpensive materials and accessories for the kitchen there are many interesting things. You do not need to contact the designers and order kitchen furniture in the most expensive offices. Several interesting solutions will transform the room beyond recognition.

1. Use open shelves

Such a solution will cost much less than the lockers with doors. You can focus on bright colored crockery and interesting accessories. Among other things, there will be an incentive to always keep order on the shelves.

2. Paint the old doors under the chalk board

Transform them with a special dye that turns wood into a writing board. This design makes the kitchen look like a cafe or a coffee shop, and instead of a menu on the board may contain a list of necessary purchases.

3. Replace only fittings.

Good quality furniture should not be replaced completely. Purchase only new pens and closers. The mood of the room will change, and it will become easier to use the headset.

4. Blinds instead of doors

Textiles will give the kitchen a romantic mood and hide all the excess from the eyes. You can sew several versions of curtains and change them, creating different color accents on the kitchen.

5. Loft Walls

Residents of old brick houses can not worry about wall decoration. The brickwork can look picturesque by itself. Especially impressive is the design of the walls looks in combination with dark furniture.

5. Use embossed decorations.

Supplement flat furniture with volumetric slats and carved elements. Interesting details will distract attention from defects in doors and countertops.

6. Stick on the drawers contrasting molding

Gypsum or wooden decorations will make old furniture exquisite and unique.

7. Paint the boxes in bright colors.

Hide wood imperfections with matte textures. Warm light shades will fill the room with color, and cold grays will best hide flaws.

8. Cover furniture with wood stain.

This coating is a great alternative to painting. It will keep the wood structure visible, giving it a rich red tint.

9. Add bright accents.

White color can refresh almost any room. Bet on colored textiles and dishes, and the room will look great!

10. Always keep order

The simplest and most inexpensive solution that works one hundred percent. Make sure that each item is in its place, organize storage for cleaning products and sponges. Let only that which will decorate the room remain in a visible place.