29 unique shelves and racks that will decorate the interior of your home


Creating creative and unique shelves is becoming a new trend in the world of interior design. Every day more and more people want to decorate their home in a special way. And today we want to present you 29 options for shelves and shelves that will not only help to keep your house in order, but also will become a decoration of the interior.

1. A rack in which the warmest things are kept in the heart

2. Give the old books a new life and make them the original shelf.

3. Desk drawers, like interior shelves

4. Creative shelf, where you can put flowers

5. Wooden boxes can be painted in your favorite color and make of them an unusual rack.

6. Old furniture as shelves

7. Another version of a stylish shelf for flowers.

8. Containers for storing children's toys

9. Wooden boxes for storing shoes, umbrellas and hats with gloves

10. Hanger for storing various household items


11. Unusual shelf, which does not take up much space and attracts attention.

12. An interesting solution for a guest house or porch

13. Creative eco-shelving from a ladder

14. Suspended shelves will be a highlight in the interior of your home.

15. Old suitcase can be used as a shelf or chest of drawers.

16. Shelf bark for eco-style lovers

17. Shelf with old shutters

18. An interesting decision to use candy boxes as a designer shelf.

19. Functional shelving for favorite books

20. Original cabinet-tree for creative people.

21. Multifunctional shelving

22. Steep shelving for travelers

23. Rack of wooden blocks

24. Book corner

25. An interesting solution for the living room

26. Modular shelving for children's room

27. A reminder that all books are made of trees.

28. Shelves of metal plates

29. Geometric figures in the interior