12 easy ways to update your spring wardrobe


In the spring, people take off their warm clothes and show off their new clothes. But sometimes, it is not necessary to run to the store. New can be made from well forgotten old.

New dress from old things

Dress is always good. After all, you do not need to think with what to combine it. A thing creates a complete image, and looks good on almost any figure. You will need a thin sweater or knitted blouse and a spacious shirt. A sweater or sweater will become a bodice. Cut the desired length, leaving a few centimeters of seam allowance. If possible, process the edge on the overlock or zig-zag stitch. The bottom of the shirt will be used. Cut the desired length. To join parts, make a continuous seam on the shirt with the longest stitch length on the typewriter. The edge does not need to fasten. Pull the thread to fabric. Connect the top and bottom of the dress.

Sew a new header or update the design of the old one

Spring is not a reason to walk bareheaded. The sun is still too weak, and the wind is very cunning. Add rhinestones, beads or pompons to your hat. And you can sew a new hat from an old sweater. Use another as a pattern.

Update your jeans design

Classic skinny jeans can look like an expensive designer thing, if you cover them with colored stripes. You will need masking tape and paint for textiles. You can paint only the front of the pants, or make a picture and behind. Apply the markup with masking tape and apply paint. For each color, it is desirable to have a separate brush.

T-shirt or jacket skirt

The case when it is enough to cut off all unnecessary. The upper part of the jacket is cut off, leaving indentation for the elastic.

Embroidery for basic sweater

A real needlewoman can turn the simplest thing into a subject of a unique design. With embroidery, you can decorate a sweater with a basic silhouette. An important point - the choice of thread. Embroidery, which is made as an apartment decor, is usually not subjected to frequent washing. Choose threads that are not prone to moulting.

Decorative neck

Option for experienced masters. Choose a lace insert or a piece of large lace. Sew it on a plain sweater. Carefully cut the holes. You can additionally fix the decor with textile glue before sewing.

Chlorine bleach drawing

Apply an interesting and very stable pattern on a dense fabric using whiteness. A thin brush or edge of the pencil drip onto the fabric. It will change color very quickly. In this way, you can perfectly mask the existing spots on the fabric. The picture will not be damaged even with very aggressive washing.

Draw an openwork collar

Use a paper napkin or a specially printed pattern as a stencil. You can draw a marker on textiles or acrylic paints. Such decor will make an elegant blouse out of the simplest T-shirt.

Pearl beads decoration

Sew a plain sweater using one of the patterns. Embroidery sweater edges can be made in the usual way. But if you want to decorate especially stretching products, or place beads in places of the greatest stretching of the fabric, it makes sense to sew each pearl separately. A small secret: it is often more profitable to buy a string of artificial pearls in a jewelry store than the same number of beads in the section of sewing accessories.

Coloring a strict jacket

Give a strict conservative thing a little lightheadedness, and she will stop being bored in the closet. You will need paint on textiles, rhinestones and rivets. You can make a figure of the figure, or fill in a part of the canvas entirely.

Change the silhouette of jeans

Flared jeans go back to the top of the fashion quickly, and just as sharply become an outdated trend. If you are not ready to wait for the new return of this silhouette as a favorite, remove the extra width of the trousers by sewing in the sides of the zipper. They will hide traces of alteration.

Summer dress from t-shirts

The sleeves are used to cut the bodice, and the shelf goes to the skirt. This dress is perfect for a hot summer day.