For the House and Cottages

These designs like all gardeners. Choose from 20+ best garden ideas.


The long-awaited spring has finally arrived. And although the weather is still not happy, you can already begin to think about decorating your site. Pay attention to the wonderful idea of ​​a vertical garden, which today has already received great popularity. This is a variety of designs that have a goal - to compactly and beautifully place the plants in your garden. In a vertical bed you can plant fragrant herbs, colorful flowers, vegetables - in short, almost everything your heart desires. Let's get acquainted with 20+ ideas of vertical garden.

"Tower" for healing herbs

Vertical bed for strawberry from PVC pipe

Vertical pallets on the balcony

Vertical garden of succulent blocks

Spiral garden for plants

Vertical garden as a staircase

High bed-pyramid for a huge number of plants

Construction of pots and drinkers for birds

Original Succulents Wreath

"Living" wall of simple boards

Mini tower for plants

Greens in pallets by type of drain

Herbs in cans

Suspended plants

Vertical garden for greenery

Vertical garden for greenery from plastic bottles

Herbs in the bags

Tower of pots of different sizes

Cachepot on a plank

Vertical Healing Garden

Grass set on hooks in buckets

Colorful vertical garden on the fence

Mini-garden for greenery

Spiral brick garden