A few secrets about vegetable oil that even experienced housewives do not know


It is difficult to imagine a kitchen that does not have vegetable oil. Some prefer only olive, others cost the usual sunflower. Whatever oils you use when cooking, pay attention to some tricks and secrets - they will help not only in cooking.

Kitchen Tricks

Fragrant salad dressing

Vegetable oil, like any other fat, perfectly absorbs aromas. Use this property to make yourself a fragrant mixture of oil and spices. Add your favorite spices and herbs to unrefined sunflower or olive oil, and then send to a dark place for 10-12 days. After oil infusion, store it in the refrigerator, adding to fresh vegetables or ready-made dishes.

Never fry in unrefined oil, and do not use it for baking

Do not mindlessly trust the fallacy that unrefined oil is healthier. When it comes to heat treatment of products, choose refined. The oil of the first spin perfectly complement cold dishes, and when heated, it begins to smoke and burn. If you want to preserve the smell, bake dishes with a small amount of refined oil, and add the flavor after cooking.

Wipe the board after cutting onions and garlic

If you need to chop fruits, vegetables and other products after onions and garlic, wipe the board with oil in order to relieve it of unnecessary smell. Oil can be washed off with hot water, even without using soap and detergent.

Save cast-iron dishes from rust

In the wake of the return of interest in the cast-iron and copper dishes, the issue of preventing rust and oxidation becomes topical. After washing, wipe the pots and pans dry and cover with a thin layer of refined oil. After this treatment, the dishes will be protected until the next cooking.

Lightly rub cheese

The process can be significantly accelerated by lubricating the grater with oil. Cheese will be easier to slide on the surface, and you will quickly cope with the work. This method is indispensable for soft cheeses.

Reduce oil intake using spray nozzle

Such a device will help evenly distribute a very small amount of oil on a plate. The ideal solution for those who want to reduce calorie meals.

Faucets and wash without stains

Unfortunately, even if you completely wiped away the fat spots and bloom, traces of water cover the faucet and sink stains. Wipe a clean sink and mixer with a cloth soaked in oil. This will help to keep the perfect order in the kitchen longer.

Cooking oil outside the kitchen

Ambulance polished furniture

If there is a stain of hot dishes on the coffee table, rub it with salt. After removing the salt, wipe the damaged area with a cloth moistened with oil. A 1: 1 mixture of oil and vinegar will help make the surface more shiny.

Easily erase sticker marks

If you need a clean glass jar or container, the traces of the sticker or label are easy to remove by applying a small amount of oil on them. You can soak a cloth or cotton pad with oil and leave it on the surface for a few minutes. Remove the most resistant tracks with alcohol.

Protect leather shoes and bags

It is not necessary to buy an expensive shoe cream. Apply the oil to a cotton pad and wipe your boots and bag. After soaking, polish the skin with a smooth cloth.

Save your fingers from the traces of superglue

Apply the oil to the skin of your hands, rub it with a brush, and then rinse with hot water and soap. And no need to suffer a few days.

That the door does not creak

It is best to use special technical oils for this purpose, but if there is no such thing at hand, go to the kitchen. A few drops of vegetable oil added to the loop with a pipette or syringe will help solve the problem. Do not forget to remove the remaining oil with a napkin or cloth.

To the old lightning again worked

If there are no broken teeth on the clasp, ordinary oil can sometimes help. Apply a small amount to a cotton pad, and then wipe the entire length of the zipper. You can pour a couple of drops directly into the dog by removing the excess with a napkin.