Design and Architecture

Unique places. These themed cafes have their own style.


Today, the owners of cafes and restaurants have to work hard to attract customers. It is not enough to provide a cozy atmosphere and good cuisine - you need to surprise! The owners of these cafes in South Korea have long agreed with this principle of work and offer visitors something really interesting.

Cafeteria networkHello kitty

This kitty is incredibly popular in Japan, where it was born, and throughout Asia. Cafe in Seoul was a great place to meet fans of the popular heroine. The interior is replete with pink color and images of cute kittens wherever you can imagine. Many people call this cafe an institution for "big little girls".

Charlie Brown Cafe Network

This cafe glorifies the hero of comics, which is famous for its failures and blunders. No less famous than Charlie himself is his dog Snoopy. Several cartoon films were made about these heroes, and in honor of the dog they even called the lunar module of the Apollo-10 spacecraft. Cafe visitors can get even closer to their favorite characters by reading about their adventures, described directly on the glasses with cocktails.

Cafe for enthusiastic cyclists

Employees of this place support everyone who is ready to abandon the car and transfer to a two-wheeled friend. Bicycles here play far not only a decorative role. While you are drinking coffee, the master is ready to repair your bike. There is also a rental point, and, of course, a convenient bicycle parking.

Costume Cafe

After paying a certain amount, you can get access to the most interesting outfits, including wedding dresses, and take pictures in them. You can choose the rate that gives access to a particular group of costumes. And in the break between the fittings, visitors will be offered coffee and cocktails.

Cafe Library

In fact, there are not so many books here, but visitors are given the opportunity to work or read in silence. This cafe is not the best option for meetings with a noisy company, but lovers to be alone with themselves will be delighted. In addition to the menu, you are ready to provide a personal lamp and access to the Internet.

Hogsmead Cafe for Harry Potter Fans

In this place you can try the famous Creamy Beer (of course, if you are already 18 years old) and take a photo with a magic wand. Here you can try on the shape of each of the famous faculties, wear a dispensing hat and even fly on a broomstick!

Cafe for dog lovers

Anyone who is not ready to wake up at five in the morning for a daily walk with a pet can talk to the dog in the original cafe. In addition to the standard menu here offer delicacies for the four-legged "staff."

Cafe for cat lovers

The principle of the institution is the same as in the dog cafe. The health of each animal is controlled by a veterinarian. Most cats with great pleasure go on contact with visitors.

And finally, a cafe for lovers of ... sheep!

Tastes do not argue, and some of these animals love the most. Sheep are everywhere, both living and toy. Animals can feed special treats and stroke.

Photo cafe

The establishment is decorated with many pictures, and anyone who made an order is allowed to use any of the lenses for shooting in this cafe.

Toilet Cafe

Visit this institution can only advise gourmets who are completely devoid of prejudice. After all, the cups are in the form of toilet bowls, and the napkins are laid out in the form of products of human activity. Some dishes look even too realistic! Many Koreans, oddly enough, delighted ...

Cafe with live fish

While you enjoy your order, the little fish eat you! Do not worry, they taste only hardened skin. This cosmetic procedure is popular all over the world, but it is in South Korea that it is offered right in the cafe.

Cafe with board games

Let the idea of ​​such an institution is not original, but the Koreans took the matter seriously. Each proposed game is equipped with detailed instructions, and the staff will help to understand the rules. In the breaks, you can drink coffee and snack.