Puff pastry: ideas of formation worthy of culinary masterpieces


Gone are the days when pastry based on puff pastry, gourmands who are not familiar with the secret of cooking, had to buy exclusively. Today it is easy to find a ready-made dough, even rolled out. Having added it with the option of a stuffing, it is possible to receive fresh crackling pastries. Formation options can be any number. Knowing about them, you can quickly provide yourself with unmatched snacks or favorite sweets, which, on average, will take no more than half an hour to bake.

Pie Sun

Nothing superfluous, only two round layers of dough with an interlayer. On the lower circle fit the selected version of the filling, on top of everything is closed by the second circle. Placing the glass in the center, the circle is cut into several equal parts-rays. Each ray should be rotated twice.

Sausages in dough

There is nothing easier than to cut the dough into strips and wrap the sausages in a spiral. You can use for this purpose and trimming.


A versatile version of the formation, allowing you to get as a snack option, and sweet pastries. The dough here is also cut into strips, and as the petals you can use sausage or thinly sliced ​​apple. For lubrication, ketchup is used in the first case, and jam or jam in the second. The strip added with a stuffing is necessary for twisting a roll only.


It is easy to turn dough strips into tubes. This can be done even in the absence of special molds. An alternative to them would be pieces of baking paper folded in a bag. Filling for the tubes can be not only cream, but also snacks.

Spider line hemisphere

A spider web will become a self-sufficient serving element. You can use it for portioned salads or desserts. Sliced ​​dough is enough to stretch slightly and put on an apple wrapped in foil. In the process of baking, the apple will become soft and decrease in size, which makes it easy to remove the decorative grate.

Twisted Layer Cake

For such a cake, you will need to cut the dough into thick, about 8 cm, strips. The filling is laid out along the strip. It can be: cheese, olives, mushrooms, ham, green beans, nuts, fruits, including jam, honey. The rolled up dough with a stuffing inside is twisted by a spiral. If desired, grease with egg and sap with sesame seeds.

Snack Sticks

You can wrap olives, slices of ham or fish in strips of dough; you just need to make notches in one of the strips of dough that do not reach the edge by 1-2 mm and weave the filling in a pigtail.


Due to the unique ability of the puff pastry to increase in volume, it is sufficient to make cuts along the perimeter along the edge for forming the sides and put the stuffing in the middle. Bumpers will grow themselves. The shape and variant of the filling of the open cake can be any.

Star puffs

To form such a puff, you need two squares of dough. Lay the filling in the middle of the bottom one, and make snowflakes through the notches in the middle of the top one. Putting one layer on another, we get a star. Now it remains only to use a jar or a bowl with a suitable diameter and, placing a puff under it, cut off the excess dough, and then draw a pattern along the edge with a fork. By the same principle, you can make a big pie.

Puffs with filling

Cut the dough into rectangles. Visually divide them in half. On one of the parts we make through notches in a checkerboard pattern. Put the stuffing in half without notches, cover and press down along the edges.

There is another way in which you do not have to form each layer separately. Roll out the layer of dough, corresponding to the size of the pan. Conditionally divide the dough into rectangles. To do this, apply the markup with a beaten egg. In the middle of each rectangle lay out the stuffing, leaving blurred places empty. Roll out another layer of dough, cover them with a sheet with a filling, make punctures with a fork. In between we press with fingers, and then we cut.

Fruit in puff pastry

With puff pastry easy to improvise. If desired, it is not difficult for him to give any shape. You can bake on it halves of pears or apples, and even a mix of various fruits or vegetables.