Tips on caring for bags from French fashionistas


France is considered to be a trendsetter, and French women prefer to buy expensive things, to buy a few cheap ones. If such a position is close to you, and you are ready to spend money on a high-quality fashion bag, be sure to check out the tricks that will help keep it in excellent condition for a long time. Most of the presented tips are universal, and therefore suitable for both natural and artificial leather.

Starch from greasy stains

If you have found traces of fat on your skin, add starch to it and leave it for a few hours. You can use both potato and corn starch. It is no less effective, but due to the finer grinding, its traces will have to be removed a little more carefully.

Soda from an unpleasant smell

Not the most pleasant scent of the lining is easily removed with regular soda. Apply it to the entire inner surface and leave for a few hours. It is not necessary to wet the bag. After processing, clean the lining with a brush or vacuum.

Fresh stains are easily removed with wet wipes.

If you notice that the bag has been painted with clothes or something has spilled on it, wipe the place of contamination with a wet wipe without alcohol. But alcohol can only be used as a last resort - they can damage the paint.

Change the style of the handbag with a scarf

A beautiful silk scarf, neatly wrapped around the handle, can freshen up a bit annoying accessory. Among other things, this technique can mask the places in which the skin is cracked.

Put the organizer in the bag

A handbag in which all things lie in place is less at risk of accidental pollution. After all, cosmetics will not crumble at the most inopportune moment, and your favorite perfume will not spill. Therefore, a fashionable shopper or any other large bag can be supplemented with the missing divisions in the form of a removable organizer.

Case for small gadgets

Put headphones, charger and other things that may get lost or lost in the case for glasses. You will find them quickly, without mixing up all the things in your purse.

Fill the bag with clothes before sending it to the closet

The bag can be strongly deformed in a season, if you keep it empty. Instead of folding the accessory, fill it with old t-shirts, scarves or other things that you don’t wear. Keep the bag on the shelf, and do not hang it on the hook. With long-term storage, the handle can deform even under the influence of a small weight.

Better to take off the belts

If the design of the bag allows, unfasten the straps and put inside. So they will not be lost and deformed.

Clean regularly

It is better to remove traces of dirt before they ate. Get into the habit of constantly wiping your bag while wearing it with a suitable tool. You should do the same and take it out of seasonal storage, as there can be traces of dust on the skin.

Sew a soft case for your handbag.

With this storage, contact with dust can be avoided.

Use a cotton pillowcase

Inexpensive alternative to the cover, which is in every home. Wrap the bag in it before putting it in the closet.

An idea for clutches and wallets

Such an organizer can fit on the cabinet door. For handbags to occupy less space, some set upside down.