How to turn an old garden house into a "candy" for a penny


Authors: Marina and Larisa Kuklina

A cozy country interior for a penny!


My sister and I got the idea to purchase a small dacha plot when we were 22 and 25 years old respectively. Both of us are fond of decorating and we wanted to realize various interesting ideas, and also to have a place where you can just take a break from the city rush and enjoy the closeness to nature.

The place was not chosen by chance - with a view of the ancient pine forest, on the other side of which our grandmother and grandfather once lived long ago, and with which our happy childhood is therefore associated.

View of the pine forest from the attic

Buying a house

The plots in this SNT are small - only 3 weave, but we were primarily interested not in the garden, but in the house. Therefore, the proposals with areas turned into one continuous bed, we immediately swept away.

... And finally, luck has smiled on us - an old man responded to an ad written by hand - his old friend was selling a house with a house. When we saw him (a house, not a man) - it was love at first sight! Boardhouse with an attic and with an overgrown garden! We asked the hostess for the phone and immediately agreed to purchase, without bargaining in price (and it turned out to be much lower than we expected!). So we became his happy housewives.

Transfiguration. Start

The house was made with love, but already very "running." We wanted to breathe new life into it, making repairs and not spending large sums. We initially decided that this would be a "budget" repair, and wanted to prove that it was beautiful and cozy - it does not mean expensive.

It looked like a house at the time of purchase and the start of cleaning: old roofs that turned yellow from time and smudges, an old bed and gray chairs:

Spring bed USSR

The wall opposite the bed (let's call this place so that later it was convenient to compare)

It looked like a house outside

Even more scary places on the ceiling will not show - so as not to scare you))

Paragraph 1

So, my sister and I started the repair with cleaning.

They scooped up and sorted trash stored in shelves and "lockers" - it was old clothes, jars, bottles, etc. Swept everywhere debris, dirt, dust, and of course - mouse poop (tying the respiratory organs in any case with handkerchiefs and wearing masks). The trash was partially taken to the dump, something was put on rags, something was sent for washing, something was left for use or decoration.

We immediately called this place "tea room" - because here, as you can see, there is a small table with a couple of chairs for tea drinking and a great view from the window (the top photo of the post)

Point 2

We all washed with water and bleach!

Literally EVERYTHING: floors, walls, ceilings and even furniture.

Point 3

Started painting old furniture in more "cheerful" colors. For example, it was decided to make the bed white.

Acrylic paint used. And for painting window frames used cheap alkyd enamel.

Painting the bed

Chairs - in the "lavender"!

Paint highlights wood structure

Gradually, a kind of “concept” of this mini-room was formed - and we called it “lavender tea”.

I decided to paint one of the doors here like this:

I write in English "lavender tea room"

By the way, the main room in the attic, we called the "blue bedroom". It was decided to use in it a warm joyful shade of sky-blue color and, of course, white for a combination (association with white clouds in a blue sky).

Point 4

Plywood on the ceiling in places of smudges was replaced with a new one.

Point 5

Torn off old wallpaper from the walls and some paper from the ceiling. Once again, we washed the walls with chlorine, dried, and proceeded to wallpapering.

The wallpaper for the main bedroom wall was chosen white with a blue flower

"Feodosia" - 200 rubles per roll

Blue wallpaper (for combination) - 80 rubles per roll

Wallpaper on the ceiling - for free (found old in the barn and pasted on the wrong side)

View from the bedroom to the tea room

Roll in new wallpaper ...

We continue ...

It is not easy to glue the ceiling - hands numb, but then the hand is stuffed)

Meanwhile, the walls in the tea room are lined with the remnants of the wallpaper stored at home (pink), and the lilac ones were bought for 70 rubles / roll in the store. The door of the "cabinet" is painted in pink.

I'm at the teahouse

Well, and you probably got tired of looking at the phone photos of our "flops" and you want to see what all this happened?

Specially arranged a "photo session" to the resulting interior with a camera:

Lavender tea

Tea room

And now the blue bedroom.

Photos are arranged as if we are turning to the right:

Blue bedroom


Table by the window

Shelves and a suitcase for storing linen (decorated by hand)

Sofa opposite the bed

View from the bedroom to the tea room

blue bedroom

And outside the house now looks like this (we painted it in mint and pink - we tinted ourselves).

Painted with rollers using a folding ladder, and protruding from the windows to paint where the ladder is missing:

House in the fall:

And here we are with my sister Lyalya in the garden of the house. The bush of peonies has not yet bloomed, but it has already grown - we made him a “holder” of an old chair with a leaky seat (which was simply torn off), found in the attic in the village of my grandmother.

My story ends, and the story of the transformation of the house - no. The plans - "obubit" first floor. Be sure to share with you the result!

Slowly we arrange the garden too: we dream of lawn, flowers, a fence and garden furniture.

Thank you all for your attention! We hope that we have inspired at least someone for creativity and creation))