Fashionable way: seal the holes in jeans in the Japanese technology Boro


The Japanese Boro quilting technique originated in the Middle Ages. Poor peasants patched clothes that were supposed to be comfortable, but beautiful enough. After all, the same outfit was used for work and for exit. And to lose face, appearing in the society in an insufficiently accurate form, is unacceptable for the Japanese. Today Boro is a true cultural heritage of the Land of the Rising Sun. Technique perfectly performs its main function - the fight against holes and gaps. Make holey jeans that were in vogue a couple of seasons ago relevant thanks to the ancient traditions of needlework.

You will need the following materials:

  • thread for embroidery or crochet (the Japanese use special threads for such works);
  • long needle;
  • cotton or very thin denim;
  • pins;
  • chalk or washable marker;
  • scissors;
  • ruler

Make a patch

Use fabric to match the color of your jeans. It can be cotton in denim tones or pieces cut from other jeans. You can take and contrast fabric, but in this case, choose pale, as if washed colors. Cut a rectangle that will be 2-3 centimeters larger than the embedment area on each edge.

Secure the patch on jeans

Use sewing pins to secure the fabric. Under the patch, you can put a small piece of paper, so as not to sew the legs together. Use the ruler to outline the contours of the future embroidery. The main seams will be held under the hole. But you can flash the patch itself.

Pick the right needle

The share of work in the Boro technique needs a long, long needle with a large eye. It is important that it does not leave too large traces, and the thread is freely threaded into the hole.

Start embroidering

Combine jeans and a patch with embroidery from smooth stitches. The stitches on the front side should be longer than those on the wrong side.

With a long needle, you can embroider very quickly.

After finishing a row, turn around and return in the same way in the opposite direction. The place of rotation of the thread should be on the wrong side.

Make your job easier

When working with a fabric like denim, it is best to help yourself when embroidering with a thimble. For embroidery better fit flat shape.

Make several rows of embroidery under the patch, and several above it.

Patch in support

Sew a small patch of cotton of the same color a little higher than your hole. Process the edges with Boro embroidery. You can choose a different stitch length and thread color. Your new jeans are ready.