Strange finds that people stumbled upon in the forest


What can be found in the forest during a walk? Probably something simple and familiar: of course, these are trees, mushrooms, a river, animals, birds ... and maybe a stone in the shape of a dinosaur or the skeleton of a non-working robot? Do the last two points seem strange to you? No matter how wrong! The people who discovered this in the forest were as surprised as you are now. From abandoned beautiful houses to amazing buildings in the mysterious (in fact, quite ordinary) forest you can find a lot of amazing things. Here are just a few of those that were found by people walking peacefully through the forest:

A real rainbow pool in the middle of the forest

Amazing dinosaur rock

Delightful wood composition in the forest

Abandoned castle found in the forest of Russia

Looks like this is a real forest guard who watches everyone who comes to the forest.

Trees change color due to rain, which turns this area into a small temporary pond.

A tree with coins is an unusual find in the forest

Purple mushroom - isn't it a miracle of nature?

This shoe was overgrown with moss and has long become an integral part of the forest.

Steps to nowhere

Amazing tree hit by lightning

Amazing and colorful mushrooms

One guy found a skeleton of a robot in a forest near his home.

Mysterious bottle with moss inside - looks unusually beautiful

A telephone booth in the middle of the forest - why not?

Very nice find in the forest! Who lives here?

Sword found in the same forest of England

This stick looks like a real torch with fire

One traveler found a whole mountain of ceramic dishes in the middle of the forest

Fascinating spectacle, especially in the middle of a quiet forest

Very believable illusion!

And this tree is even a little scary ...

Would you like to cool off in the heat of the forest?