Well, very delicious "flowers in jelly." And what beautiful!


Such a charming and edible “flower” in jelly with a slight 3D effect will perfectly decorate any table. Guests will surely beg for this recipe! Sweet and slightly sour dessert will be enjoyed by both children and adults. What is interesting, to prepare it is not difficult. What do you think of what it is made of? Of candied flowers? Not. Could it be an artificial flower like decor? Also no. Or is it made from sugar mastic? ... None of the options is true. "Flowers" in jelly, we will draw ourselves, with the help of ... a pharmacy syringe and a pair of glasses of natural juice. You do not need to be an artist to cope with the technique - everyone can do it.

For the preparation of "flowers in jelly" you will need:

  • half a glass of beet, carrot and spinach juice;
  • several packs of instant gelatin;
  • water;
  • milk packaging 2.5%;
  • some lemon juice and sugar to taste.

Attributes in the kitchen:

  • pharmaceutical syringe for 10 or 20 ml;
  • a pair of semi-circular serving bowls;
  • napkins;
  • teaspoon and knife.

Start cooking:

1. The first step is to squeeze the juice from beets, carrots and spinach into separate glasses.

2. Then prepare gelatin for the base: take 10 grams per 200 ml of water + lemon juice and sugar to taste. Fill the transparent jelly and wait until it hardens a little.

3. After that, heat the milk to 80 degrees, not allowing it to boil. At 250 ml of milk, add 15 grams of gelatin, thoroughly stir until smooth.

4. Further on 5 Art. l milk with gelatin is added to each of the juices. Then in the syringe we collect some juice with milk and gelatin, we try to keep the air inside, and we start creating!

5. So, to form a flower in the jelly, you should pierce the slightly cooled transparent jelly with a syringe, slightly squeeze the carrot juice and, without moving the needle inside the jelly in different directions, slowly and smoothly pull it up, leaving the strip. Repeat 4-8 times to obtain the heart of the flower.

6. Then we collect beet juice into a syringe and form clove petals. To do this, stick the syringe at an angle to the side of the heart, squeeze and draw, moving the needle to the side, the petal. Make 4 petals. Excess juice formed on the surface of the jelly, wipe with a napkin.

7. It remains only to draw the leaves. To do this, we pierce the jelly with a teaspoon on the side and pour spinach juice over the spoon.

8. Go to the chrysanthemum. As in the last example, we create a core of carrot juice. Then we start making thin petals. To do this, as in the case with the core, but no longer in the center, but at the side, at different angles, insert a syringe with beet juice and form many fine petals around the core. There must be enough distance between them to get a 3D effect. Then we take a knife, stick it in jelly and pour spinach juice over the knife to make sharp leaves for chrysanthemum.

Our delicious and healthy dessert is ready!

A more detailed process of creating “flowers in jellies” can be found in the video below: