For the House and Cottages

22 smart inventions for everyday life


Every year, restless inventors surprise us with new technologies that are not only useful in everyday life, but also able to simplify life and everyday life. Today we want to tell you about the 22 newest inventions that you definitely want to have in your home!

1. A small device that will help hermetically close a pack of chips, which you have not mastered to finish

2. Stand for glasses in the bathroom

3. A container with a timer that will help you avoid the temptation

The ideal device for those who are on a diet or trying to quit smoking!

4. Containers that will determine for you the necessary amount of spices for a dish.

5. A thermometer that works through a program on a smartphone and makes recommendations for treatment

Miracle thermometer even remembers the history of the disease.

6. A device that squeezes lemon juice for you

7. Beach bag with net

No more sand in your favorite bag!

8. Bracelet with magnet

Lost a nail or needle on the carpet? Bracelet helps you find lost items in seconds!

9. Portable refrigerator

Included are wireless speakers, flashlight, batteries, charger, several compartments for storing food and household items.

10. 2-in-1: scissors and tape

11. Wireless marker to scan text directly to your computer

12. Unusual cake shape with multiple compartments.

Life is too short to choose between chocolate and vanilla.

13. Broom scoop

14. Bowl with integrated chip, which opens when the pet comes closer

15. Crane with LED indicator

Cold water is blue and hot water is red.

16. Shower with built-in wireless speaker

Listen to your favorite music without leaving your soul.

17. A tie that easily turns into an inflatable pillow.

18. Portable Badminton Net

19. A hook that will help you comfortably carry several shopping bags.

20. Portable washing machine

An indispensable thing for travel.

21. Book holder

22. Razor that keeps blades sharp