Feel free to wear open back sweaters! 3 great ideas with a bra


The main disadvantage of clothes with an open back is that under it you need to pick up a special bra or not to wear it at all. Since the first and second options are not always possible, we offer another way - to make several bras specifically for clothes with an open back! This will require a minimum of materials and time.

To create 3 bras for clothes with an open back, you will need:

  • 3 bras;
  • black elastic band;
  • decorative braid with sequins;
  • elastic decorative band with sequins;
  • rings, fittings, metal (4 pieces - 2 large and 2 small, for example, 22 mm and 5 mm);
  • a scarf or a thin scarf;
  • scissors;
  • thread with a needle.

The option with three lanes

Getting down to the first version of the bra with three bands. To do this, find out the back coverage from one side of the bra to the other, remember the number, and cut off the side itself. Then measure the desired length of the decorative (non-elastic) braid, cut off. We also make 2 segments of a simple black elastic band, which, when stretched, should be a little more than the specified figure in order to be comfortable to wear.

We sew two black pieces of elastic band to the top and bottom of the edge of the bra, and the decorative one - in the center, with sequins on the outside. Sew on only one side of the bra! To fasten another fastener. First, cut it off from the cut side of the bra, cut into 6 "squares" with eyelets. Three of them are sewn to the other side of the bra, and three more - to the edges of the braid segments.

Now the bra is comfortable and beautifully buttoned.

Here’s how it looks with an open back sweater:

Shawl / thin scarf

This idea is even simpler than the previous one. For decoration, you can take a thin scarf or scarf of any color.

Cut the side of the bra. We cut off the clasp, now we need 2 "squares" with eyelets. One by one we sew to the edges of the trimmed bra.

Then we cut the edges at the scarf obliquely, thread large rings on both sides, fasten them. Then insert smaller rings into them. Attach to the bra.

Tie a scarf / shawl on the back in any way you like.

Variant with a shiny braid

This is a pretty festive option for decorating an open back. Looks very original and beautiful!

To do this, we take an elastic decorative band with sequins, cut off the desired length according to the measurements taken in the first example. Then we cut off the side parts of the bra, cut out 4 “squares” with eyelets. Two of them are sewn to the side of the bra, two more - to the edges of the elastic decorative band.

Here such bra turns out as a result: