For the House and Cottages

Order in the house. Inspiring photos before and after thorough cleaning


There is an opinion that by bringing order to the house, you can bring order to your life. The people who took these photos decided on a grand cleaning and did not lose! They didn’t just clean up, but created a new system that will maintain the established order, and their example is inspiring.

Boring storage room turned into a nice looking place

Using surfaces to the maximum

Multifunctional workplace

Storage system in the garage

Clothes storage system

Food in the kitchen is fine

Cozy laundry

A pile of trash under the sink no longer bother the hostess

Cozy coffee corner in the kitchen

Rational use of the corner locker

Convenient system instead of a crowded refrigerator

Garden tool storage

Another story about comfortable washing ...

Shelf with tools

It is not enough to hang shelves, they need to be used correctly!

Bed linen storage system

Strategic changes in the pantry

Organization of storage of cosmetics

New order and new mood

Pockets and drawers

Organizer for pots and pans

Boxes are different ...

Story with toys

Matryoshka principle instead of chaos

Individual design