How to replace a damaged laminate board (without disassembly)


Laminate flooring is considered a durable flooring, many manufacturers give a guarantee for their products for over ten years. Unfortunately, circumstances are unforeseen: heavy objects can fall on individual boards or spill paint. This method allows you to replace the damaged board without disassembling the entire floor. You can do all the work with your own hands. Perhaps the method is not perfect, but it can help you out in a situation where a complete replacement of the floor is impossible or too laborious.

You will need:

  • Replacement board;
  • special vacuum holders (2 pcs);
  • marker;
  • ruler;
  • cutter (or jigsaw with a saw function);
  • bit;
  • hammer;
  • wooden bars, wedges;
  • glue for laminate

First of all, apply the markup on the damaged board - you will need to cut and remove only the middle part, leaving the fastening areas of the locks.

Cut out a portion of the laminate board using the intended markup. The easiest way to do this is using an electric jigsaw with a hand saw, but you can use a grinder, a parquet saw or a mounting knife.

Make cuts along the edges, stepping beyond the borders of basting. In this case, the cut line should not reach the castle itself.

Using a hammer and chisel, separate the remaining pieces on the floor from the rest of the laminate. Take care not to damage the adjacent floorboards.

After this procedure, parts of the board can be easily removed.

For further work, it will be necessary to disassemble a part of the plinth against which the board rests vertically adjacent to the damaged one.

Using a hammer and a wooden wedge, slide the row of planks in which the area changes, a centimeter to the wall. This distance will make room for maneuver.

Pressing the chisel into the part of the board adjacent to the lock, move it with hammer blows to the center of the gap.

Now you should remove the upper part of the board from this area with the jigsaw. This cover holds the board components together. By removing it, the wood is easy to disassemble. In the same way, remove part of the board from the other side.

Carefully remove glue marks from the locks using a scraper or chisel. Now proceed to the preparation of the board, which will be used for replacement. It should remove the part of the castle, located in length, leaving only the central part (1/3 of the castle's length).

Apply laminate glue to the surface of the locks and install the board in its place. Now it is necessary to fix on the replaced board, and the one that adjoins it in the area of ​​the lock, vacuum holders. After that, both boards need a little pull over to lock into place.

Move a row of boards, hitting with a hammer in the area of ​​the plinth, returning from its original place.

It remains to install the press on the repaired area and leave the glue to dry for at least 30 minutes. At this time, the floor is not worth walking.

Detailed instructions in the video: