New Year's preparations: 5 magical ornaments made of waste material


On the eve of the New Year, a special holiday mood appears, waiting for a miracle and magic. If the New Year fever has not yet visited you, then you need to take time to make magic decorations for the holiday with your own hands - then the mood will appear by itself! Making jewelry with your own hands is not at all difficult, and materials will require the bare minimum - some of them can be found at home, and some - in stores for creativity. Below you will find 5 simple but interesting workshops on creating wonderful decorations for the New Year from junk material. Choose a craft to your taste or better make everything at once!

Golden Christmas tree from the magazine

In large retail stores and hypermarkets, visitors are often given promotional magazines of 40-80 pages of tissue paper. From this magazine you can easily make a wonderful Christmas tree.

Starting from the last pages, count two sheets, fold a large triangle on top, and a small one at the bottom, making a sharp angle, as shown in the photo below. Repeat with all pages, but do not forget that you need to bend not one by one, but two sheets at a time, because the paper is thin. Then each of the folded two sheets wrap the edge in the center of the magazine, forming an accordion. Repeat until the end. For reliability, you can glue the edges with white glue.

Take paint spray and paint the workpiece. Decorate on your own.

Golden Christmas tree from the magazine is ready!

Ball on the Christmas tree from the toilet sleeve

Craftswomen love to use toilet sleeves in their work, because it is durable, versatile and free material. Let's make a bright ball out of it on the Christmas tree.

Flatten the toilet hub in half, mark with a ruler and a pencil symmetrical cuts of 1 cm at the top and bottom. Then cut the sleeve into elongated pieces.

Paint with acrylic paint all the pieces inside and out, leave to dry. Then dip one piece of the sleeve in one side with PVA glue, then in glitter. Repeat on both sides with each segment.

Now proceed to the assembly of toys. Connect two pieces together, glue in the center. Then add two more to finally combine 4 pieces into one ball. Attach the thread and hang on the Christmas tree!

Snowflake from toilet hub

Another piece of popular waste material. It looks exceptionally beautiful!

Cut the sleeve as in the previous example.

Now take one piece, hold the edge together with the other with glue. Thus combine 6 pieces into a snowflake.

That's not all! Next, take a piece of sleeve, bend in half and attach snowflakes between the two "petals". Then fold another one, fold it in half again and attach it to the previous “petal”.

Repeat in all other intervals.

Next, take the PVA glue and brush, apply on one side. Then we lower the snowflake with glue down into the sequins, let it dry. You can pre-paint a snowflake. We tie a thread and hang the finished snowflake!

Christmas star made of wood and garlands

What could be more symbolic before the New Year than a beautiful and voluminous star that shines with bright lights? Let's make such a star on the wall of branches, paint and garlands.

To do this, branches of the same length and thickness should be painted with spray paint or ordinary acrylic paint.

Then we take the garland, fix it at the edge of the branch with scotch tape. We begin to wrap a garland around a branch. At the opposite edge again we fix with scotch, we take the second branch, we wind them together among ourselves, we wrap. We repeat this way with 5 branches.

“Collecting” a star, putting the branches in the right direction, and when the star is ready, all the partitions are additionally fastened with thin wire.

It remains only to hang on the wall and turn on the garland!

Snowflake made of glue and glitter

This is the easiest and most interesting way to make a snowflake. No need to cut or staple anything.

For work, take a ceramic flat plate. Marker draw a snowflake as you like. Top grease with vegetable oil. Then attach the thread to the top of the snowflake and use a hot glue gun to draw the strips over the marker pattern, at the same time attaching the thread. Sprinkle with sequins.

After drying, remove by thread the resulting light snowflake and hang on the Christmas tree!