Stylish hairstyles for medium hair: a non-passing fashion for individuality


By definition, hairdressers are average hair length from 15 to 25 centimeters, which corresponds to the interval from the chin to the level of the collarbone. Some owners of such hair mistakenly believe they are not long enough for modeling and bold experiments.

A shoulder-length hair is a reality!

Even owners of a long bean can afford a volume braid. To create a hairstyle, you will need elastic bands that securely fix the hair and provide volume.

Stylish mohawk

Weaving technique is similar to the previous method, it is not necessary to be able to weave braids, but you need to stock up with silicone rubber bands. Hairstyle can be both evening and everyday.

The first tail is done almost at the very forehead, for the second, strands are captured immediately below it.

The second tail rises, passing between the strands of the first divided in half, and is temporarily fixed. A third tail is immediately made to create which side strands are added to the hair of the first one. The second tail comes back down and fits between the strands of the third. Now they will be temporarily going upstairs. Weaving continues until the end of the hair. When the mohawk is ready, the strands are lightly pulled out for additional volume.

Flagella giving volume

Separate the strands on each side, twist them into flagella and stab them from behind. The remaining hair can be left straight or screwed.

Seashells a lot does not happen

There are several ways to make such a hairstyle. The idea is to hide inside the "shells" excess hair, previously twisted in a spiral.

A bundle that adds style and volume

The basis for the beam is most often the tail. The additional volume is easy to obtain due to the donut hidden in the hair. If the hair does not go to the tail, the remaining strands are modeled. They can be raised up, twisted or arranged in separate curls. This hairstyle, supplemented with a decorative brooch, turns from everyday into evening.

The effect of a huge beam or 3 tails

The essence of the hair lies in its name. All hair is collected in 3 tails, and then curled and combed. The upper tail is collected at the crown, and the two remaining at the back of the head. At the same time, the middle tail is inverted to provide volume, the lower last one is made in the lower part of the nape to create the effect of raised hair.

Non-passing greek style

This hairstyle can be not only everyday, but even wedding. It looks elegant and elegant. At the base, a bundle assembled at the back and loose straps drawn to it.

Stylish negligence

An elegant bundle with elements of harnesses and deliberate negligence peculiar to the boho style is simple in execution.

Effective Mohawk Spikelet

Weave such a spike need starting from the forehead. Spit passes through the entire frontal-parietal zone, and at the end is fixed. Hair that is not included in a braid can be gathered into a ponytail or simply left loose.

If desired, not necessarily limited to one "dragon." Harmoniously in such a hair look and released strands.

Shaved Temple Effect or Braid

This type of weaving looks like afro-pigtails. Call it and the French braid. Pigtails can have different directions. You can braid them not only in the temporal part, but throughout the entire head. Hair not used for braids can be left straight or curled.

Romantic "waterfall"

This type of weaving is good for creating a romantic image. Creating a waterfall effect is pretty easy. It all starts with the weaving of an ordinary braid, but the bottom strand is produced, and instead of it, another is woven into the braid.