Just like a cloud: “Asian spikelet” pattern for knitting airy things


Incredibly, the effect of a down jacket can be achieved with a special knitting pattern! The Asian or Chinese spikelet is created thanks to a special secret: loops in it are gathered not horizontally, as in usual schemes, but vertically. Knitting in this case occurs in width; for this purpose, special patterns and patterns are used.

Things are incredibly airy, and a rather thin canvas seems very voluminous.

You will need:

  • Knitting needles for large knitting (for many it is more convenient to carry out this pattern on circular ones);
  • yarn

Type the number of loops in multiples of 6, which will be the length of your item.

1 row: six facial, turn knitting.

2 row: six purl flip. Thus knit a block of 10 rows.

11 row: six facial + three facial, then turn knitting.

12 row: six purl, flip knitting. Ten rows on blocks of six loops are repeated: three are taken from previously knitted ones, three of the following ones.

13-14 rows: satin stitch pattern.

The pattern is repeated to turn the direction of the blocks, knitting begins on the wrong side.

To avoid confusion, use markers, such as colored rubber bands. The result is hard work.

Knitting a cape sweater with an Asian spikelet

Type approximately 85 loops; 14 rows are knitted in 2 front, 2 back. For the hem, 60 loops are knitted with facial loops and then turned.

12 rows are knitted by the spikelet pattern, constantly turning blocks. Next - 12 with the next block.

Coquette: 25 upper according to the scheme 2 rows face, 2 rows purl. In every third row of the last 5 loops, they are not connected to form a neck.

Next, knit on the scheme: block convex loops + 4 rows of satin stitch. On the yoke, 2 rows of purl, 2 - facial.

After 5 rows convex, 44 loops are laid. On the other needle dial 52 loops, deferred move to them. Knitting continues with spikelets. After 10 rows, the loops 52 are closed with blocks 52, the deferred ones return, they knit the back (12 rows with blocks). Thus the sleeve is formed. The second sleeve is repeated in the same way.

After the sleeves, 14 rows are knitted in blocks, the neck is knitted in the same pattern as on the other side. On the yoke form a buttonhole loop: 4 loops, 1 nakid, one to subtract. Next, 9 loops, and then another buttonhole.

Airy Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Pattern for work:

Knitting goes from collar to back with a collar. Collar - 27 blocks, shelf and back - 24 blocks, armhole 17 blocks, the outer part of the sleeve - 20 blocks, the inner part of the sleeve - 14 blocks. The collar is sewn at the end of the work. The collar is sewn to the back, the side seams are connected. Sleeves fit according to the calculations after that.

Interesting models for inspiration:

Detailed master class for the Asian spikelet pattern: