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Painting will be easy if you do it: 16 tricks to help


The need to repaint something is perceived by some as a natural disaster. Instead of buying the right paint and realizing the idea of ​​your dream, it is decided to postpone the renovation of the interior until better times. At the same time, the path to updating is not so thorny, you just have to use information that can simplify the painting process and apply the knowledge gained in practice.

Trick 1

A piece of foam pipe for insulation or a hollow water stick can be easily turned into a brush holder. It is enough to place a tube cut along the container and make several perpendicular cuts in it.

Trick 2

So that the paint that falls into the recess located near the lid does not dry up and does not become an obstacle when you try to close the jar, it is enough to punch a few holes. This will allow trapped paint to flow back.

Trick 3

The masking tape will help to simplify the process of filling the tray with paint. It is enough to stick it on the open jar with the letter "V".

Trick 4

Having decided to paint right out of the jar, it is worth to stretch the gum across. This will give the opportunity to get rid of excess paint on the brush and simplify the work.

Trick 5

An ordinary plastic cover will protect your hands from splashes and drips.

You can also use a cut plastic bucket, a bottle, or a half of a rubber ball that has become unusable as a protective barrier. This is especially true when painting the ceiling.

Trick 6

To ensure that the new fabric roller does not leave a pile on the painted surface, it is enough to walk on it with a roller for clothes.

Trick 7

To the painted surface was as smooth as possible, paint should be applied in a zigzag manner. Perfectly fit the sign of Zorro or the letter "W".

Trick 8

Wrap the foil tray before filling with paint, it will be much easier to clean it at the end of work. It is enough just to get rid of the foil.

Trick 9

Foil will also be suitable for protection of diverse protruding parts from paint.

Trick 10

Instead of sizing masking tape, you can use a wide spatula attached to the wall. It will serve as a barrier and will save the wall from accidental ingress of paint.

Trick 11

The usual cellophane will become irreplaceable for protection of volume dimensional objects.

Trick 12

Alcohol wipes will help get rid of paint stains. Well softened latex paint, alcohol is safe for most surfaces.

Trick 13

Get rid of the remnants of the emulsion on the hands will help baby oil.

Trick 14

Using vinegar, it is easy to remove the dried paint with a brush.

Trick 15

To prevent the drying of the brush will help its placement in the refrigerator. This is true if the next day is expected to continue painting work. That the refrigerator did not absorb a smell, it is necessary to wrap the brush tightly with a film.

The roller can also be placed overnight in the refrigerator. A convenient container for him will be a tub of chips.

Trick 16

The reverse side of the switch can be used to store information. Data on the tone of the paint and its name, applied to the plastic with a marker, just will not be lost.