For the House and Cottages

18 examples of outdoor furniture for home and garden, made from improvised means


What could be more interesting and original than creating your own outdoor furniture for the street? This is exactly what the authors of the following 18 pieces of furniture thought. All things are made of "what is found at hand" and then just "packed in a beautiful wrapper." However, look what happened in the end!

For most of the outdoor furniture used simple boards, knocked into an unusual and practical subject of the exterior.

Chaise lounge for two

Do you like to relax in the garden or on the terrace? Then this double chaise lounge is what you need! To create it took only a couple of pallets. Spread a blanket on top, put a pillow and enjoy your holiday in nature. You can also make a very beautiful sofa from pallets!

Tire seats

It will be necessary to decontaminate and paint the tires, however, the result is worth it: look at how the lawn was transformed with such original furniture! Additionally, you can decorate the unusual seats to your liking.

Wooden bar counter

Barbecues in the yard, and next to it is a comfortable and beautiful bar counter, which also serves as an additional working area. Making it from the boards was not difficult, but the result exceeded all expectations!

Plastic drawer chair

Love to relax with a book or knitting needles in the garden? See what a terrific low chair did the owners of one house. It is enough to cut off one of the walls, sand the edges, cover the box with a soft cloth and put a pillow - and the cozy seating area is ready!

Building pallets table

The original design, which the owners have added bright colors. It is assembled from simple construction pallets - who would have thought!

Dining area of ​​planks and gabion

The design looks not just beautiful - it also looks reliable and durable.

Concrete table

A couple of extra concrete blocks with a flick of the wrist turns into ... an original table! In the garden, this design will not stand out and catch the eye.

Plastic sofa

Why not take a nap in the shade of a large tree, where a sofa of ... plastic containers is installed? Its main disadvantage is a small load - perhaps, only children can enjoy an afternoon nap here.

Table transformer

A pair of boards turned into a hinged table, which, if desired, can be folded and unfolded. It saves space and, among other things, looks just amazing.

Brick grill

It is difficult to call it furniture, but it is a mandatory part of the exterior in the garden in the country or at home. Add a metal grid on top and get a non-trivial brick grill.

Cinder block sofa

On this couch just be able to accommodate all family members, not just the youngest. Durable and reliable sofa, built of cinder blocks, be sure to add a thin soft mattress or blanket.

Wooden furniture set

It seems you can make everything from boards and even a little more. Look at the neat furniture created by the owners of one house. It turned out ottomans, a table and a locker for storage.

Barrel Chairs

Good old metal barrels can turn into interesting chairs. A little imagination and patience, and it turns out a wonderful set of outdoor furniture.

Flower pot coffee table

Massive flower pots, which are no longer needed, can get a second life. Turn them over, paint them and fix the stand to the bottom. Isn't that a wonderful table in the end?

Wooden side table

Wooden boards and a tray are joined together to transform into a side table, which, by the way, will become a very practical element of the exterior.

Concrete worktop

Concrete blocks, put together and fixed on top of the working surface, will create an additional cooking zone for the hostess. Nearby you can install a brazier or even embed it in the design.

Wooden table ... or shelf

Why not make an original shelf from a piece of wood, which can simultaneously serve as a table?

Wooden flower rack

This is real high art. Look at how well the rack is made and how wonderful the plants look in it!