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Inexpensive country sofa from pallets


We have long had a desire to equip an empty corner on the site. Since our house has no verandah, we planned to install the table and chairs or benches. In general, to arrange a place where you can relax with the whole family over tea. However, it was not possible to purchase all of this.

Looking through the Internet photos of other sites, I came across a few ideas with pallets (or pallets). I really liked the idea of ​​making a sofa out of pallets with my own hands and inspired me to look for used pallets. I managed to purchase 25 pallets of them: 10 euros (this is with gaps between adjacent boards) and 15 solid (without slots) for 2100 rubles.

Euro pallets became the basis for a corner sofa, and solid pallets served as an excellent floor for our terrace.

Sofa of pallets

Stage 1: Materials and Tools

10 euro pallets “Continuous” pallets

List of materials

  • 25 pallets (pallets): 10 euros and 15 others, without cracks (gaps) between adjacent boards. Note that they turned out to be of a different size. As you can see, the euro pallets were very used, which is why they were so cheap, but for our purpose they were quite suitable
  • varnishes, paints, antiseptics (here already at your choice) to protect the wood and give aesthetic appearance
  • fastener

Tool list

  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Grinding wheel
  • Paintbrush or spray gun (spray)
  • Level
  • Saw
  • Cable
  • Gardening equipment: shovel, rake, ... (depends on where you will build)

Stage 2: Landscape Works


We use antiseptic

  1. Spread the pallets in place to see what the terrace will look like.
  2. Swaps pallets in places to get the necessary shape and fit them to each other.
  3. When you find the pallet installation scheme that suits you
  4. mark up on the ground around the outer edge of the pallets. We used a shovel that was stuck in the sod.
  5. remember the location of each pallet, you can number them. We photographed to remember.
  6. Remove the pallets and remove all sod in the marked area.
  7. With the help of a shovel, a rake and maybe choppers, level the surface and tamp it down. To control the level of use.
  8. We decompose pallets
  9. lay out the pallets one by one, carefully leveling
  10. we twist pallets with each other
  11. better to do this with an assistant
  12. We use the grinding wheel for stripping the resulting surface. To check, you can walk barefoot, of course, if you are sure that you have thoroughly cleaned everything up and do not get a splinter 🙂
  13. We saturate everything with antiseptic, if there is a desire, then it can be painted (after the antiseptic has dried)

So, we finished the floor of our terrace. It took all day and I burned in the sun, but it was worth it.

Stage 3: Frame made of pallets

Each europallet has a size of 120cm x 80 cm.

Our country sofa consists of three sections. Each section consists of two pallets (stacked on top of each other) as a seat and one pallet as a back of a sofa.

Thus, we can make an angular sofa 200 cm x 240 cm out of 10 euro pallets. Three sections of 3 pallets + one backrest pan in the corner (see sketch).

We roll the pallets together, but we don’t put the sections together, we will do this when we move our sofa to the terrace.

We painted our sofa with spray paint. This gave a nice scuff effect and antiquity. In addition, it is much more convenient to paint from a can, you can reach hard-to-reach places and adjust the amount of paint.

Stage 4: Installing a sofa on the terrace

We installed the sofa section on the terrace and fixed it all together.

We have three small pallets left, which we can stack on top of each other, and we will have a great table.

The photos show that the sofa is not fully painted and there are no pillows on it. The fact is that we ran out of paint, and the mattresses were not yet purchased. But after two days of work, we so wanted to try our couch out of the pallets, which we made with our own hands, that we collected our pillows, mattresses from the house and laid them out on the couch. In the evening with candles and lamps it was very cozy.

Stage 5: The finished sofa is not a terrace

A few days later we painted the rest and bought ready-made cushions for the seats, which are usually used for garden chairs. They are beautifully located on our pallets.

We thought about using mattresses with foam inside or special garden materials, but they were too expensive. You can use the usual old wadded mattresses or buy new ones, they are inexpensive. Initially, we assumed two mattresses on the seat (see sketch), one 160 cm x 70 cm in size, the second 200 cm x 70 cm. Together they cost about 1,300 rubles. There was a decent selection of colors, and not just striped, as we used to from the Soviet times. But then they found these wonderful litters.

P.S. Of course, we have to clean the mattresses or cover them when it rains.