Practical techniques for the restoration of furniture


I want to feel at the cottage as if on vacation - this is how you can describe the main idea of ​​the design of this cottage, in which the main role is played by furniture made or renovated with your own hands. With a bright palette of colors in the garden and in the interior, you feel at your country house, like on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, because after work week you want to switch to something light, bright and carefree!

Bright color energizes - clean, rich colors are full of joy and work well together, as the snow-white color of furniture and textiles of bright shades harmoniously bind them together.

8 practical techniques for creating furniture.

What design techniques will allow us to create a bright joyful space in which you want to be and be filled with energy?

1. Do-it-yourself furniture. Tell a story.

An old suitcase as a bedside table is closely connected with the eventful life of its owner.Carefully restored, painted with snow-white paint with bright details, it enriches the interior of the house. And the photos from his vacation collected in it gave him the name “Memories of Summer”.

Any old furniture is able to direct our thoughts in a fresh direction and inspire us to new creative ideas.

The story can begin with a completely forgotten piece of furniture and have its continuation throughout the interior. So, this renovated chair even has its own name "In Search of Adventure".

2. Do-it-yourself furniture. Take the risk.

It was decided to turn a small platform at the back of the house into a secluded recreation area.

But the fact that this recreation area will be hidden from prying eyes does not at all mean that it should be modest and inconspicuous.

Just the fact of being here already allows you to feel the lightness and good mood.

3. Break stereotypes.

This rule naturally follows from the previous one - in the serial production of furniture, the existence of standards is a production necessity. You create furniture for yourself, and this is your own business from what and how it will look.

And if the furniture of the pallets is already a little surprised, then look: buckets, troughs, drawers - how many of them are forgotten in the sheds. Paint, a little fabric and boundless faith in themselves are capable of creating a small miracle.

4. Common sense is the best adviser.

One of the nicest details when you create furniture with your own hands is a significant cost savings.

Small decorative details can turn almost any available material into a unique piece of furniture. Agree that it is easier to take risks when your courageous decision almost does not require costs.

5. Do-it-yourself furniture. Simplify.

Take away too much so that the main thing is better visible.

Leave the space between bright details expressive and open. So you get a comfortable variety without complexity and overload.

Simple finish, simple shapes create a feeling of lightness and cleanliness.

6. Attention to detail.

Beautiful practical details when reworking furniture can create the qualitative difference between good and bad design.

The old round table could simply be covered with a tablecloth or even an oilcloth for practicality.

And you could create such a cute one. Smiley, bright table.

7. Repeat when you create furniture with your own hands.

Repetition of your favorite decorative techniques is a good habit, it creates order and harmony. If you made a round table in patchwork style, then why not make a bedside table in this style. Add to the wooden cabinet for linen from the Soviet cabinet legs and decorate the boxes with a cloth.

Repetition is not boring, but an effective technique that unites all your space into one.

The basic rule here is that there should be at least two repetitions, and even better three. Therefore, during the restoration of the old dresser, it was also decided to make it in the same style.

Chest led to order-cleaned, painted.

The boxes were decorated with fabric not only outside, but inside as well.

This method of repetition creates a steady, orderly, albeit a bright design.

8. Do it yourself furniture. Observe the order.

Apply the principles of ordering at any level. Order means a hierarchy that will be the main, that is not. Often the order comes from what is missing space, for example, this terrace is clearly not enough cheerfulness.

Therefore, the sofa of the pallets was decorated in the same bright energetic style as the garden seating area.

A comfortable large table complements this space.

9. Refer to the senses.

Do-it-yourself furniture is a rare opportunity to create exactly the mood you need.

You do not need to be a great designer to feel the difference between cold concrete and grass under your feet, hanging from a lazy swinging hammock.

Doing furniture with your own hands, think about what kind of mood you are missing in your home and how best to add it with the help of your lovingly made interior items.