Home furniture

Hauling a couch with your own hands: modern furniture at no extra cost


Having an old sofa at home, whose appearance leaves much to be desired, it is not at all necessary to get rid of it. Try to pull a good-quality furniture with a clearly established folding mechanism, giving it a modern look. In the presence of the usual set of tools available in the arsenal of the zealous owner, this is not difficult to do.

The wonderful transformation of the old sofa


  • hammer;
  • construction or furniture stapler;
  • scissors;
  • screwdriver.


  • upholstery fabric (approximate consumption is 1.5-2 times higher than sofa measurements with the embossed version of the upholstery it is higher);
  • sackcloth;
  • lining fabric;
  • construction foam or other filler;
  • batting;
  • industrial double sided tape or glue gun;
  • decorative buttons, washers and other furniture accessories;
  • sturdy thread and big needle.

At the first stage, we get rid of the old upholstery and analyze the condition of the spring block, if any. If necessary, insert the spring in place or carry out their replacement.

Carefully remove the upholstery so that it can be used as the basis for the pattern. At the same time get rid of sagging filler.

If you plan to use decorative buttons for relief, then the filler must be marked and cut in the attachment points of the accessories.

We place the filler on the frame, fix it and put it on top and bottom of the layer of batting. For fixing, you can use double-sided tape or glue gun.

For convenience, mark the place of attachment of decorative buttons on the batting We do it from the front and back side.

If necessary, we cover the buttons with upholstery.

Go to the fastening buttons. From the back side, while not covered with upholstery, we insert a needle with a strong thread, we take it to the face, piercing the batting with filler and upholstery, pushing the button and bringing it back. Shrink on a predetermined distance and fasten on the washer. We perform this operation the necessary number of times in accordance with the marking, maintaining a certain length of thread and straightening the upholstery.

It is much more convenient to begin work on giving volume from the center, gradually moving to the edges. Once the desired volume is set, we stretch and fasten the upholstery fabric around the perimeter of the frame with a stapler.

An exception may be the presence of the front "skirt". This item is attached with scotch tape, leveled, and then fastened on the wrong side with straps or stitch.

If the "skirt" is planned fluffy, then the assembly should be done in advance.

Go to the waist constriction. In case they are fixed, we cover the overtightened part of the sofa in order not to accidentally damage or stain the upholstery. Depending on the design of the armrests determine the way waist. Sometimes you can do without even removing the old upholstery, putting a new one on top of the existing one.

For upholstery inside use a durable lining fabric. Before attaching it, we stretch well and fasten the upholstery and lay a layer of batting.

We impose lining fabric so that any excess upholstery will be inside the sofa. For pre-fixing use double sided tape. Do not forget to stretch the fabric.

Our sofa is ready. Externally from completely transformed.