Create the illusion of high ceilings. A little trick in decorating


High ceilings - the dream of any designer. Fortunately, in a standard apartment you can apply some tricks and visually “raise” them. One of the tricks that will provide the room with additional depth is the effect of level differences. It can be created, for example, with the help of an original outlet around the chandelier.

You will need:

  • Wallpaper with wood texture;
  • wide wooden planks;
  • suitable wallpaper glue;
  • simple pencil;
  • liquid Nails;
  • roulette;
  • long ruler;
  • paint in a balloon;
  • saw;
  • sockets for decor;
  • crack filling agent

This decor is suitable only for those ceilings that can be pasted over with wallpaper. If your ceiling is covered with chalk paint, the part around the chandelier will have to be washed off. Set aside the same distance from the center of the chandelier. Here, the width of the outlet is about one meter, it means you should debug 50 cm. Then mark the sides of the future square, drawing neat lines with a simple pencil.

Gently cut the wallpaper of the desired length. It is better to use sharp scissors, rather than a knife, in order to achieve a perfectly smooth edge. Cut by pre-marked markup.

Stick the sheets, focusing on the marking lines.

It is safer to do this work during the day when the lamp is off. Around the lamp, which is pre-unscrewed, make a slot with scissors.

Cover wooden planks and sockets with a layer of paint and wait until they are completely dry. If you work with oil dyes, it is better to perform this procedure a day before the start of finishing work.

Apply liquid nails to each outlet and glue on the corners of the square.

It is important that they overlap the wallpaper, at the same distance in all corners.

Cut the strips of the desired length and glue to the ceiling with liquid nails. Outlets will help to navigate.

If there are scratches and potholes on the sockets, seal them with a special wood filler and cover with another layer of paint. Place the junction of the planks and the outlet with liquid nails.

The ceiling is ready. With this design, it will seem higher.