For the House and Cottages

Get organized with a few secrets


Even in a small apartment can be very comfortable. Here are some secrets that will help bring order and save space.

Replace individual liquid soap and paste holders with a solid shelf.

So you can fit all the necessary cosmetics above the sink.

Corner shelves under the sink

It is not necessary to buy an expensive locker, a simple system will do an excellent job with storage.

Ladder with hooks instead of a rack

All the little things placed in hanging baskets. It is important that the ladder is still.

Use the place behind the fridge

Retractable module fits a lot of cans, freeing up space in the wall lockers.

An interesting idea from an old suitcase

Complete the suitcase or wooden box with a shelf and chains that will fix the cover. Screw the bottom to the bottom of the wall cabinet. Open an improvised shelf to get the right spices. In the closed state, the box will take up very little space.

Unexpected use

A shelf for cakes can be an excellent stand for spices, and a wooden paper holder - a corner shelf.

Tables 2 in 1

Let the furniture performs several functions at once. Drawer table is used for storage. A small pedestal made of plywood slats opens. A pillow is glued on the underside of the lid, turning it into an ottoman. The inner space can be filled with blankets.

Vegetable storage

Instead of hiding the lettuce or cabbage in the lower sections of the refrigerator, place them in the file rack.

The organization of the space under the sink

Place household chemicals in paper holders. Light containers can be placed in the "shelf" attached to the door.

Clean bucket

To prevent the garbage bag from falling, stick a couple of hooks to the bucket walls. Attach the package handles to them.

Package Package

A pair of hooks on the door of the door will be very useful. And place washcloths on the side wall of the cabinet.

Spice rack

Again comes to the aid stand for papers. This time it is attached to the bottom of the hinged locker.

Grid for vegetables

Onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and even some types of vegetables should not be stored in the refrigerator. Supports for folders in the form of a grid help out.

And for inventory ...

They seem to be able to cope with any organizational problem!

Cork board

Kitchen utensils hang on the hooks.

And a couple of secrets ...

Glue the towel rail to the fridge - its surface is rarely used. Place the covers on hooks glued to the inner surface of the cabinet door.