Design and Architecture

An interesting idea: the original buildings of concrete pipes


Some hotels rely on luxury and originality, others on simplicity and unusual idea. The owners of the institutions presented below, saved and organized a small apartment right inside the concrete pipes. And some turned out pretty good.

1. Hotel TubaHotel in Tepolstan, Mexico

Robb Anderson, who had the idea to build a hotel of this type, first of all set himself the goal of seriously reducing costs. The whole territory was equipped in 3 months. Each individual “capsule” is equipped with a comfortable double bed and a panoramic window. All convenience is located outside, but the low price makes the place quite popular.

2. Hotel from Das Park pipes in Austria

Their goal is to show the owners of this place the opportunity to live, causing minimal damage to nature. Of interest is the pricing policy - the client himself determines how much he is willing to pay for the night (from 5 to 50 euros). According to the rules of the hotel, you can live in it for no more than three days.

3. Opod Tube House in Hong Kong

The company James Law Cybertecture offers its model houses, equipped inside giant pipes, for young people who cannot afford full-fledged housing. Capsules are equipped with everything necessary and can be located both separately and in dense urban areas.

4. Hostel in Tulum, Mexico

This institution is betting on simple design and low prices. Here you can rent not only the apartments themselves, but also a place for a tent. The general economic structure, where there are all the amenities and a small restaurant decorated with elements of pipes to fit the overall concept.

5. Hotel Time Capsule Retreat in Malaysia

This hotel is located in the middle of a picturesque jungle, which allows you to achieve complete unity with nature. Guests are provided with free internet and air conditioning, amenities and dining are on the street.

6. Hotel Kupele Zelená Žaba in Slovakia

In this hotel, guests are offered standard rooms, and pipe buildings are used as saunas and small bungalows for relaxation.

7. Prahran Hotel in Melbourne, Australia

The hotel building was built using concrete pipes as separate elements, some of them have the hotel’s restaurant’s booths and a small winter garden.

8. Design by Alison Douglas for garden design.

The designer presented her work at the International Exhibition of Floriculture and Horticulture in Australia, it is quite simple to repeat it. A cozy arbor, a pond and an original chafing dish are made of concrete pipes.

9. Hostel Swisstube in Switzerland

Guests are not rented rooms, but beds (each capsule has bunk beds). The hostel is located near the picturesque lake, which is very popular during the swimming season.

10. Budget hotel in Henan in China

Henan Province is one of the most densely populated areas in China. Tourists who want to get acquainted with the local culture can stay in inexpensive concrete pipe booths, painted with interesting pictures. Each room is equipped with air conditioning and a comfortable double bed.

11. Hypertube Sports Ground in Spain

This construction was the result of collaboration between independent designers and local authorities. It is planned to install similar structures in different parts of the city.