Original feed: sushi roll with “sakura flower” inside


Nori sheets, which are used to make sushi, are made from seaweed. With their help, you can create not only tasty and healthy, but also a wonderfully beautiful treat!


  • 4 halves of nori leaf
  • Cooked rice for sushi (about 200 grams of finished rice to tint with beet juice to pink)
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 strawberry
  • A few cucumber skin shavings
  • Sliced ​​Fish
  • Toasted Sesame Seeds

Let's start by making rose rice petals.

Step 1: Cut the Nori Sheet

Take the two halves of a nori sheet and stack them one on top of the other. Bend the sheets 3 times, align and cut with a knife along the folds. In total there should be 6 segments, for their petals you will need 5.

Petals “Sakura” should be the same, so measure out pink rice in equal proportions. You will need exactly 30 grams per petal.

Spread pink rice along the center of a small leaf and squeeze the edges together to form a drop. Repeat with the remaining 4 segments.

Step 2. Build a flower

Prepare a piece of carrot, carved in the shape of a long, rounded cylinder.

Take in the palm half a sheet of nori and begin to spread the flower. Putting 3 petals together, place the carrot core.

Finally, add the last two petals, completing the circle. Use your fingers to seal the shell of the flower - the nori leaf - around the petals.

Step 3: Build the outer white layer

Place the 2 halves of the nori on the bamboo sushi napkin, creating a long leaf. Connect using sticky rice grains as “glue”.

Put the rice on the nori, creating 3 bumps. Sprinkle with toasted sesame. The resulting grooves lay pieces of nori.

Now in the grooves put a little chopped strawberries and a few strips of thinly chopped cucumber peel.

You will also need to make a small rectangular envelope of nori, filled with thin strips of fish. For example, tuna. Size: half a sheet of nori. Simply fold it in half (fish inside) and seal the edges with water or rice. This will be a “sprig” of sakura.

Place the roll with sakura next to the third tubercle, and the envelope with the fish on top of the formed tubercles. Put some white rice on top of the envelope. Finally, lift both sides of the bamboo napkin and gently fold the roll.

Step 4: Roll Slicing

To get a smooth, solid slice, first lower the knife into cold water so that the drops flow down the blade. Now carefully cut the roll.

Enjoy the beautiful and useful delicacy!