18 situations where ingenuity is everything


There are situations that seem impossible to cope with. Some thing is broken, lost, or it does not exist at all! And then savvy comes to the rescue. This is exactly what happened in people whose inventions are shown in the photo below.

Very small sink

This bottle was too big and the sink was very small. And instead of pouring water, the one who needed to fill the bottle built the whole system

Natural conditions

For some time the owner of the house was just too lazy to clear the snow at the back door. And then I decided to use the opportunity provided by nature to cool drinks.

Shower Head

Surround sound

Garbage collection

During cleaning, all the excess is convenient to throw directly into the trash. But you hardly want to carry a bucket out of the kitchen. Stretch the bag on the upturned stool, and continue your business.

Warming up without a microwave

Sudden embarrassment

Unusual bench

If you don’t have a bench, but by chance you’ve got an old bus ...

Homemade Lawn Mower

Suppose that in this case, passers-by will express rather bewilderment, but cutting the lawns is comfortable!

Improvised roaster

Sometimes at hand there is no barbecue, not a special grid. But there is always a way out!

Instead of glasses

These people had a bottle of excellent wine, but they didn’t even have plastic cups. And it did not stop them from having a good evening.

To have enough places for everyone

But if you go back, it seems that a person is sitting on the couch ...

Tin Can Pizza Knife

Improvised mixer

Unusual curtain

It turns out that the hooks were not included with this shower curtain. And the owner of the bathroom was forced to find an original solution.

A practical way to drain water from ravioli

Milk hike

Probably the owner of the institution against this method of replenishment. But he himself wrote "drinks are not limited."

The mirror is the mirror